How to Get Into a Writing MFA Program

Yo. I’m Snigdha Roy, age 24, and last year, I got into every writing master’s program I applied to: Pacific University, Goddard College, Oregon State University and Columbia University. Here’s how I did it. This is the series of articles I was looking for 14 months ago.

  1. How to Research Master’s Programs
  2. How to Apply to Master’s Programs
  3. How to Find a Writing Master’s Program for POCs
  4. How to Pick A Master’s Program (Once Accepted) (coming soon)
  5. In The End (coming soon)

A note: this article stemmed out of “How to Find a Writing Master’s Program for POCs.” I had to write out my entire process to figure out which parts I wound up doing differently, so I thought, “Sure, why not, I’ll just share it all!” If you are wondering why POCs need to do things differently, “MFA vs. POC” by Junot Diaz and “The Student of Color in a Typical MFA Program” by David Mura will have you covered.

So, in the spirit of open source, here we go!

Disclaimer: All views and opinions expressed in my writings are completely my own, and not a reflection of anyone else.