Best Online Sports Betting Advice to Give You the Winning Advantage

If you are betting on sport blindly or relying on bookies or tips from “gurus” for winning sports predictions then chances are you are throwing your money into a toilet, and you need some serious sports betting advice.

It`s time to make your bookie cry — easily learn how you can be a professional successful sports investor

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Best sports betting advice on the planet

Sport betting or as we approach it, Z-Code Sports Investing is a system designed to make you money and create betting continuous success. Short-term wins are not important here. The long game is what it is all about.

Combine that with a proper money management plan and a proven system and you will find success.

The Z-Code Sports Investing Bible — Your Key to Successful Sports Investing

Take the guesswork out of your sport betting and approach it like it is a business with this absolute gem of a book, and prosper — the best sports betting advice available on the planet!

Proven since 1999

Zcode is a fully transparent winning system proven since 1999. The betatesters have already backtested it all way back 12 years and now they are forward testing it publicly with great results.

Including NHL, MLB, NBA and NFL!

As well as Hockey, Soccer and even Tennis.

If you`ve been struggling to find success in betting on sports — and you`re exhausted from empty promises and scams from handicapping services, then the good news is that you have stumbled upon a Treasure Trove of information and a peek at verified systems and strategies that actually really work.

An Inside Look into the Tools, Strategies and Principles behind Winning Sports Predictions

How we take the gambling out of Sports Betting and create a Sports Betting Investment Business.

The Sports Investing Bible is a crash course in sports betting advice that destroys popular misconceptions and provides invaluable sports prediction analysis tools and certainly the best sport betting advice of the century

10 free picks
10 free picks

Herewith some amazing excerpts from the Sports Investing Bible:

The key to successful sports investing is consistency with a long-term mindset.

By understanding the nine myths that many gamblers fall victim to, you`ll be a winner with proper money management and the right tools.

If you allow short-term losses to dictate strategy, failure is inevitable.

Sports investing is no get-rich scheme, thought the industry is filled with scams. Finding a winning handicapper and a successful system is crucial.

How you avoid handicapping scams and most common newbie mistakes

In a niche that is overcrowded by scam artists and so called “guru handicappers” selling sure bets and “guaranteed locks of the century” for hundreds of dollars through online advertising and even radio commercials, it`s very hard to find genuine products that really work.

When it comes to providing proof, the scammers usually tell you “I am 9 wins and 1 loss in the last 10 games!!”

Don`t be fooled by that trick.

The short term wins provide no guarantee about long term success.

If you`re smart, you`ll ask him “what about the other 100 bets you lost before the hot streak?”

When choosing a system to follow, always make sure that:

a] It`s backtested and there is solid verifiable proof

b] Results are long-return not just short term lucky streak

c] The system is technical and does not rely on handicappers “gut feeling” but on solid mathematical formulas and trends

d] Money Management is carefully planned. All “what if” situations are taken care of.

Sports investing is a long-term approach to profitable sports betting.

The most common mistakes of amateur bettors stem from losses related to a short-term approach.

While it is certainly possible for luck to prevail for a limited time, the best long-term approach is a conservative one that emphasizes the value of proper money management.

The first step to becoming a winning handicapper is gaining access to winning picks.

Following a successful professional handicapping service is the easiest way to consistently make good selections.

Developing your own winning system for handicapping is also possible.

Unfortunately, winning picks are never enough for long-term success in sports investing.

Even the most successful handicappers fall victim to sportsbooks without proper money management.

Money management is a crucial element to a successful system. All winning handicappers pay careful attention to properly controlling their bankroll.

Effectively managing a bankroll helps mitigate risk while sustaining long-term profits.

Smart Betting IS an investment

One of the most important elements of a successful perspective is viewing sports betting as a business.

Smart betting is an investment, while emotional gambling is a dangerous game played by fools. As such, there is a clear difference between sports investing and gambling.

With sports investing, like any other form of investment, one has a mathematical expectation of return. When one gambles they take unnecessary risks that may or may not result in a profitable return.

If you structure your sports betting with this in mind, you will be a successful bettor in effect, you create a winning strategy.

Sports investing, like any other business venture, is no guarantee.

Quick profits are promised by scam artists only after your money.

Sports bettors with short term goals never succeed. In the end, a successful and realistic mindset is everything in successful sports betting.

Mindset is by far the biggest obstacle to being a successful gambler. Searching for top online sports betting sites and trying these “gurus” eventually ends up with losses.

Once the proper approach is developed, success is a simple matter of finding a winning strategy.

Long-term profits are all that matters in sports investing.

Even the most successful sports investing strategies endure losses. Winning systems proven with decades of profits have losing months along the way.

The key to a successful sports investing approach is long-term profits and money management.

Most sports investors new to betting fail to develop a long-term approach. They chase losses and deplete bankrolls over short-term losses before winning systems can generate profits.

In order to be profitable, you must develop a long-term approach to sports investing by looking at the big picture.

As you can see, Sports Betting with this system is not a gambling procedure, where one places bets “in the hopes” that you will win, but rather it is a systematic approach, a creation of a sports investment business with long-term goals.

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Get started and find out how this amazing 122 page sports betting advice book can turn your betting efforts into a Consistent Winning Investment Business.

No matter what sport you enjoy betting on, the tips and system shown will put you on the right track because they cover Football, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer and Tennis — and yes, Tennis is actually one of the gems where it is easier to gain wins and profits.

You have stumbled upon the best sport betting advice how to win consistently — free 122 page insider information.

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