You. Them. Him

I have looked for love in all the wrong places. Poor attempts of filling the void that was created when you left. Motivated by selfish thoughts and a need to feel loved, I jumped from mouth to mouth in desperate attempt to rid the taste of your kisses that still linger on my lips.

I found you staring back at me through the eyes of others; I both adored and despised the similarities. Never enough, I played with hearts like interludes and became loathingly girl-poet, the protagonist in my words. A self-fulfilling prophecy.

Infact, I became the thing I was running away from. You. Less human and more whirlwind. Tornado. Crashing, creating chaos, leaving, then repeat. It was ok that you didn’t want me- they did.

I met a boy on my travels. More friend than foe, but foe all the same. He looked more like me than he did you. We bore the same scars; two walking wounds both needing to be healed.We were adverbs, conjunctions, nouns and verbs, the perfect ingredient for a story that I could not write. It’s a shame that hurt people only go on to hurt more.

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