The unspeakable ‘F’- word….

What Feminism really stands for.


Let’s kick this off by establishing the fact that I know the difference between feminism and misandry. One is about the struggle for gender equality while the other is just male bashing. Feminism is technically defined as a fight for equality just as a baseball bat is defined as a piece of equipment used to play sports, however if I bludgeon someone to death with it, I should be charged for assault with a deadly weapon and murder because I don’t get to say, “But the bat isn’t a weapon, It can only be used to play sports”. I used it as a weapon and therefore, it is for all intents and purposes a weapon. It’s how you use it and not what it is defined as and that is the problem people have with the feminist movement.

Under the guise of the word feminism, which has unfortunately come to mean misandry by its colloquial and frequent usage, it is our responsibility to find a new word for the true meaning and intent behind the concept of feminism lest it should be diluted to mean absolute stupidity. I am not against women, or their rights, this in my own small way is a fight against stupidity predominantly pervading the social media sphere and affecting millions of susceptible life forms who are being taught what to think instead of how to think on the basis of facts skewered to serve a not so genuine purpose.

What started this way
Ended up like this

In a battle of wits, if one is unarmed, it proves detrimental to the one who is well equipped. You know something isn’t right when people forsake logical arguments and substitute it with rights associated to anatomy. Men and women are not two sides of the same coin but are two separate coins of equal value. It’s pitiful that people fight so hard to prove that women can do everything a man can, while women were made to do everything a man cannot. Seriously, Life isn’t checkers, it is chess with pieces having different limitations and strengths and utilizing them properly is what enables a good move, but feminism wants the queen to move like a pawn. How does that seem like a good idea and whose brilliant logic was it to call gender dibs on any profession? If you can do the job, you got the job. There is no gender specific profession. There are male and female chefs, CEOs, chauffeurs, teachers, Leaders, Scientists, Bodyguards, Lumberjacks, Wrestlers, Pilots, Military veterans, heck even Prostitutes, criminals and rapists and all this happened way before this feminism word hit the social circles to mean what it is today and it is extremely disrespectful to the actual struggles for gender equality that really brought out any sort of change to alleviate things.

Let’s see how human anatomy works, having a penis doesn’t equal chauvinist pig who is a rapist and objectifies women just as much as having a vagina doesn’t mean you get to win every argument. Body parts don’t work that way. Wonder how many feminists failed middle school biology and just took up Gender Studies? They missed few classes probably

The reason we don’t need feminism is because it is just a tool for hypocrites to use their imagination and blame men for everything, complain about things without thinking it through and expecting the world to bend to their whims and to gain power by creating unrelenting, aggressive, man hating “ideology infected” henchmen zombies. It is about demonizing men to frighten and outrage people into supporting a supremacist hate cult.Before people start complaining, let’s have a look at the world. We don’t live in the dark ages anymore. Slavery has been abolished, religious tolerance has been achieved in several places, there are no crusades or witch hunts. Things are changing for the better at their own pace and all feminism does is act like a road block because it is really annoying and senseless causing all the good work to go to waste. There are issues like global warming, poverty, world hunger, diseases etc., which could use some of their compassion. Women already enjoy few special privileges apart from few limitations but people who are incompetent raise a hue and cry over everything till it gets ridiculous. Here are a few examples of what feminism really looks like these days.

Mindlessly blaming your body issues on the media: Feminism

Give us freedom to choose what words mean to us

You are obese, so you want the world to accept that as a beauty standard and change their definition of curvy. The world doesn’t have to lower the bar for an individual’s self esteem because it is their own problem to deal with. There are better issues in the world to be tackled first.

I don’t hear the guys complaining……sorry, mansplaining

Have you seen any superhero or the action figures that young boys collect and aspire to look like? They don’t cry about it because it is not really a “crisis” to deal with.

Can you really blame them for making the easier choice?

It is socially acceptable for a woman to reject a man based on his body but the man is a shallow pig if he rejects a woman even though it is totally possible to lose weight but impossible to gain height or few other features and standards men are held upto and not just this, they also express shallow judgement in a hypocritical way always trying to antagonize men and victimize women

To sum it up, this is what feminists want the world to be like

Think women are being objectified by men, let’s organize a slut fest with naked women parading the streets: Third Wave Feminsim

Objectify much?

I wonder which part of their brain lit up when they had the idea and why that part hasn’t been lobotomized and removed yet


Having outbursts about non-existent wage gaps which are accredited by reports and proven to be false myths and demanding higher pay than men, because feminism.

This is a simple enough concept right?

Women in the higher positions of the corporate ladder will get there by their own means and don’t need other incompetent feminists to protest about it. It’s based on merit and not demand. You know what needs protest?

Just squint, you can read it because, priorities

Health concerns of women living in deplorable living conditions in African countries and that is based on need and humanity, but not something feminism would waste time with. Feminist priorities are more concerned with how many companies have a female CEO than how many children have access to their fathers. Isn’t that similar to making the rich richer and the poor poorer? Whose rights are you fighting for and who needs you to fight for them? Clarity on these seems null. Privileged women enjoy more rights and the ones who actually need feminism haven’t heard the word yet.

Let me give you an insight to what goes on in the minds of feminists and how they are believed to function after a detail study of their thought process

Basically, whine and complain irrationally, make a scene and take advantages of your privileges

Displays of feminist logic/stupidity and gender issues when not required just to victimize themselves and get something out of it — -

  • All men are pigs…… Men and women are equal…..wait , what? Men and women being equal is a matter of their convenience and not the truth.
  • Matt Taylor Incident:
Nice shirt dude

Here is a scientist who landed the first space craft on a comet nucleus which is one of the most significant accomplishments of the year in the field of astrophysics. He is forced to cry and apologize on television for his shirt. Why? Feminist hypocrisy

“Women have always been the primary victims of war. Women lose their husbands, their fathers and their sons in combat” — Hillary Clinton.

As if the incentive of getting whatever you want without having to work or think wasn’t good enough

Yes Hillary, we hear you. Women are the victims.

I mean ,really.

Caitlyn Jenner (a.k.a Bruce Jenner), an athlete turned trans woman, part of tv shows that lower the IQ of everyone who watched it to the IMDB rating of that show was named Glamour’s woman of the year. So now ,What does this mean in feminist logic? Men are better than women at everything, including being a woman? I cannot think of a bigger insult and a dumber idea that this.How about honoring an actual woman after considerable thought that lasts more than a few seconds, ……like maybe Elizabeth Holmes (whom most feminists have never heard of but should have). World’s youngest self-made female billionaire who dropped out of Stanford due to her father’s demise by cancer prompting her to find a way to detect diseases faster and founded a company that makes blood tests cheaper and easier. That is someone to look up to, so what the hell are feminists really up to? Also, does Caitlyn now make 78 cents per ever dollar Bruce makes? I’m just kidding…but really though, i need the answer

  • They always find a way to victimize themselves or get offended
I can’t even…….i can’t even right now. Please give me a third person face palm…somebody

If you don’t agree with feminist terms and conditions, which are confusing to their own kind, you are sexist and hate women. How convenient.

Ah poop

Naturally things evolve, and this hatred of men in feminists and their internal stupidity also began developing new forms

It went to the point of insanity, where male children were getting aborted by feminists and few even decided depriving male kids of nutritioun and basic things was good for female empowerment and then these insane creatures decided to raise kids as single mothers

Too stupid to zoom in and red. Trust me on this.

and the result of their misandry

  • Coming to law enforcement and social judgement which shows exactly how equality works for feminists, in their ideal world
Because we are all EQUAL…..yeaaaah right !!
Feminist Math, because it all adds up

The hypocrisy has imbued into the minds of the public and is so real that women can get away with anything

Literally Anything

Never heard of women paying child support though….huh,equality


Wait, Whaaaaat?? …….Oh Shit !! What have we done

Which begs the question, do feminists realize that they themselves made women less valuable to the society and contributed greatly to any actual misogynous attitude among men? They don’t seem to be conscious of the ironic turn of events that what began as a notion to create and promote gender equality turned into male bashing owing to their greed and self-victimization which now makes people hate women who propose feminism. Clearly we don’t need this kind of blind hatred and negativity in the world. Strong independent women who yet need and want to be sheltered by anything that remotely challenges their opinions. “That’s not what feminism stands for and that’s not a real feminist”, said the feminist about the other feminist. Then slowly you realize there are no real feminists ………and the war is over. Common Sense wins. Not doing something to improve the world and just standing by and letting it burn is just as incriminating as setting the fire yourself.

If I may, I’d like to ask one last question to every feminist,

If this world really is patriarchal, male dominated and oppresses women or whatever nightmare you presume it to be, how do you explain your bullshit still prevalent and being tolerated by everyone around the world?

I rest my case about the world not needing feminism,but i confess, everything has pros and cons, so……

PS: This isn’t me and i really don’t need it