We Called it as “Doa Ibu”

This is a true story...

As usual today I walks with my two children to take them to school. I hold them both together and hold their innocent hands. Everytime I see the glance at their faces, they start to endure the problems they have in school. I never let my self to stop watches them, guarding them from the vehicles that are getting crowded and crowded. When we arrive at the gates of the school I took them off, and my eyes never stops to stare at their backs, whose left me until unseen and disappeared by many of uniforms schoolchildren.

I turned away from school and went home. My head bowed, but my heart looked up to the sky.

I’ve said, “Rabb, I could only look after them when they are seen by my eyes. But now they are bringing themselves without me, so I entrust them to You Who guarding better than me. Take care of their born of mind from outbreaks of distress and calamity on their bodies, souls, world and religion”.

O God, forgive me if I’m not doing the mandate properly while educating them. Just don’t punish me please, if I infect my bad behavior and my lusts because I often give them bad lessons, also gives facilities that make them forget to You or even while they imitate my bad ethics to You and Your creatures.

Yaa Rahmaan Yaa Rahiim, please love them more than I gives my love to them. Pay attention to them with Your gentle outlook more than my attention to them. Grant them more than my gift to them. Take care of them more than my guard.

Because I’m afraid of their growth from the temptations of the world which are tough and feels sad because of the misleading lifestyles.

O Allah Who The Most Forgiving, please forgive my sins if all the time I still make my duty in educating and taking care of them as a second obligations, yet You ordered me to grow them become a favored servant. But I tend to love this dunya and it makes me a lil bit ignore them. Forgive me if I ever put in a haram foods or a treasure of usury into their stomachs. Don’t You punish them for the mistakes that I have made. Forgive me O Allah...

I’m not a good person to them and not even deserve to educate their clean hearts. My filthy hands doesn’t deserve to touch their innocent bodies. But with all my flaws I wants to strive make them become obedient and happy servants of the world and the hereafter.

O Allah, if my age doesn’t long anymore, hopefully You could take care of them in this dunya o The Most Merciful, The Most Beneficent, The Giver of Sustenance, The Most Knower, The Most Forgiving, and The Most Perfect One

- husinnabil -

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