The Product Designer skills matrix spreadsheet
The Product Designer skills matrix spreadsheet
The Product Designer skills matrix spreadsheet

Building a career path as a Design professional

It can be hard keeping up when you’re a Designer. Especially when the digital landscape is ever evolving and our job roles seem to change on an annual basis.

You may be a UI designer who is looking to explore digital, UX or Product Design. You may be a Junior, wanting to understand how to move up the career ladder to Mid-weight, then Senior.

Skills take time to learn and master. Skills require practice. If you had never played a guitar before, it would take you time to be able to play your favourite song (I still struggle). …

[updated Sept 2019]

By Simon Coxon, Principal User Experience Designer at The Financial Times

[There are a lot of additions and changes following our retro on the original framework — previously structured ‘Inspire, Diverge’, Converge’. This caused problems whilst planning as the titles gave few clues to what you were supposed to be doing during each step. We’ve also broken out ‘Immerse’ and ‘Empathise’ as individual steps, detailed below.]

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When you are exploring new product features or propositions, a workshop is a great ideation method for accelerating and expanding the imagination process.

Getting the most effective output from that session relies on working hard to plan, organise and facilitate. It may seem like a lot of effort to go into close detail, but I’ve found that the quality of the results equate to that input. …

All too often, the way we start a creative job is to be given a briefing at 9.15am of the day you’re due to start the job. If you’re lucky, you’ve just about finished your peanut butter on toast and you’ve had a sip of coffee. You’re two sentences into the written brief the PM sent to you that morning (at 9am) before you feel the sensation of a suit lurking over your shoulder.

After a 15 minute overview of the project to date, you’re given a pile of documents that you need to sift through to get any understanding of this undertaking. Oh and you’ve got two days to come up with designs or possibly a concept. …


Simon Coxon

Product Design & User Experience professional

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