Don’t miss revolutionary service for Instagram monitoring — Snoopreport

Most of the Instagram tracking tools like Iconosquare are monitoring your account popularity among other users and their engagement with your account, but none of them helps you to monitor certain user’s activity on Instagram: likes, following, comments they made. That’s why we created Snoopreport!

Snoopreport is a perfect platform to know all about the Instagram user’s activity.

If you have an Instagram brand or blog account it will definitely contribute to your business growth.

With Snoopreport you can:

  1. Learn your competitors: what they like on Instagram, what customers they follow, how they engage with their customers by commenting their photos and videos e.t.c.
  2. Study your customers: by monitoring their user profiles you will know their interests, preferences, concerns, needs and identify the engagers and influencers among them.
  3. Choose engagers and influencers: with Snoopreport you can see the most active users in your audience and then study their Instagram activity more deeply so later you can choose the best ones to deal with.
  4. Stay trendy: the users monitoring will not only tell you about their activity but also show you the most popular content. Using this information you’ll be aware of trends and will keep you customers interested and attract the new ones.

Snoopreport is totally useful for individuals as well, you can:

  1. Find out whom your boyfriend/girlfriend follow, like and comment on Instagram
  2. Study what photos and videos your children like and comment
  3. Explore the activity of your favorite celebrity

Snoopreport is a platform with easy-to-use dashboard where you can add as many accounts to monitor as you want. All the data are provided in the dashboard if the form of handy reports in PDF and CSV for possible in-depth analysis.

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