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How nice it would have been to be better informed about this case by Zack Ford actually also getting the Christian Brothers High School side of the story as well. Of course that wouldn’t serve the “homosexual as victim” narrative so important to Ford’s intention, would it? It’s almost like Ford wants everyone to believe that among those who oppose the LGBT agenda are demonic haters and bigots without any care regarding just treatment for all people, even homosexuals. But then, if all people do not cater to homosexuals’ every whim, how can there be true justice, right?

I don’t pretend that every Christian who stands firmly for morality and virtue does so with love and kindness. I also won’t pretend that every story like this is accurate in the telling, especially when coming from only one side of the conflict and reported by one who is a promoter of that one side, himself known to be biased and less than loving toward those who disagree.

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