Invest in Snowball

Our goal is to grow our investor base to the point where we will be able to make impact investment available to retail investors — to everyone.

Currently, Snowball is only available to professional investors.

We hold openings for new investors every six months.

Here are the steps to invest.

  1. Email We will talk to you about Snowball, so that you can see whether it fits your investment strategy.
  2. Complete this form to tell us what type of investor you are.
  3. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, and we can share further information with you on our portfolio.
  4. If you decide to invest, we will send you our subscription agreement and fund documents to review and/ or complete. We also take you through our Know Your Client and Anti-Money Laundering checks.
  5. As we near the next available opening for investors, we will check all the information through with you and confirm that you wish to invest. We then complete the ‘close’ and send you a letter confirming your investment in the fund, with 10 days notice to make your transfer to invest with us.
  6. You’ll receive a welcome pack with information on the reporting you’ll receive, and options to be part of our community.


Snowball Impact Management Limited (“Snowball”) is an Appointed Representative of The Fund Incubator Limited (FRN 208716). This document is supplied for information and insight into Snowball’s activities and is not intended to be an offer, inducement, solicitation or invitation of any kind. Information in this document is correct as at June 2021 (unless otherwise stated) and is believed by Snowball to be fair and accurate but Snowball accepts no responsibility for such fairness or accuracy.

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