Brickblock (BBK) ICO — Real estate and ETF meets blockchain!

The future of real-world assets and ETFs is: “tokenization”. But what is tokenization? This is when assets are “digitilized” or “tokenized” into tokens that are on the blockchain. An ICO that focusses on putting assets and ETFs on a blockchain by tokenizing them is the german company Brickblock.

When the assets are tokenized they can be traded to and from BBK (you can buy BBk with Ethereum in their sale) on a custom platform made by Brickblock. With the use of Brickblock you can expand your portfolio with some new Real Estate and commodities (ETFs).

Brickblock makes the way real-property and ETFs get traded alot easier by using blockchain and smart contracts. This will invite alot of new traders/entrepreneurs. It is thé future of the stock market!

Why would you choose Brickblock?

Low costs and fast transactions

Compared to the stockmarket where fees are very high, Brickblock has low fees and lightning fast transaction speed! These are big reasons why it could start to replace the current stock market.

Brickblock Roadmap Q3 2019

FIAT payment gateway (in the future, Q3 2019)

This is definitely a game changer. Brickblock will have, as one of the first, a FIAT payment gateway. This means you can purchase the Brickblock token (BBK) with FIAT, so no hassle with Bitcoin/Ethereum and transferring mistakes. This is beneficial for new investors.

Trading platform is open 24/7

As opposed to the stock market that’s open a limited time a day Brickblock is open for trading 24/7! This makes trading possible any time of the day and as long as you want.

Strong team

One very important aspect of a good ICO is the team. With members that have worked at Boeing, Lionsgate, Goldman Sachs and a lot more big companies, there isnt a lack of experience here.


Brickblock is a smart contract platform that lets you invest in commodities, real estate and coin funds with the BBK tokens. Brickblock is as one of the few that have a real working product to show. It is low cost, fast, open 24/7 and has a strong team. This is the future of the stock market.

Make sure to check out their social media and website, dont forget to get yourself some some Brickblok (BBk)!

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