what’s wrong with being emotional?

So, it seems almost obvious that I am an emotional person. I feel things (good and bad) ever so deeply to the point where the emotions either make me all jumpy or haunt me every night. I’ve never really considered that to be a flaw at all, but I also realized that not many people like to deal with emotional people. In fact, that maybe the very reason why my circle of friends have been relatively small.

Last summer, I had this period which I call “The Dark Age”. My insecurities overtook my life and I was latching onto the past. It was that time that I had come across the writings of Sylvia Plath. Her words.. it was as if she was me and I was her. I read her journals every day and scribbled notes on the margin, underlined basically the whole book.. I decided to do some research on her and that was when I was taught of the social stigma that surrounded Plath and her depressive state. From a young age, I had trouble understanding why mental illnesses were associated with words such as “madness”, “abnormality”, and “crazy”. To call someone who has been fighting with an illness that cannot be seen or easily fixed, it must be terrible! I just thought that it was simply wrong to refer to them with those words.

People with depression can be extremely emotional at one point and numb or emotionless at another. Nonetheless, most people who have an inclination to become depressed, fall into the pitfall because they are overly conscious about their surroundings. They can be extremely vulnerable, which causes them to be emotional about how the external world perceives them to be.

Yet, depression is not permanent. It could be cured. We just need a little more people who could comprehend what they’ve been through.

So, back to the “emotional” discussion. I think being emotional enables you to understand other people at a deeper level. Since you’ve been there before, you have a natural empathy for those who are in emotional, mental pain. They are willing to help at any time. Even Plath could be extremely emotional, but I think that was why I loved her writing so much. So next time when someone calls me “overly emotional”, I’ll just smile and tell them thanks.