Snowflake launched on DevNet

After months of building and iterating, we are excited to announce that Snowflake is now live on Solana Devnet.

Snowflake Dapp is open for all users and developers to try out. We’d love any feedback or suggestion you might have. Please feel free to chat to our team using the in-app messenger or Twitter DM.

Getting Started

Some key resources below to get you started.



Quick start :

User deep dive:

Technical deep dive:

If you only have 2 minutes, follow the quick start guide. It only takes 3 clicks to create your first automation.

Testing scenerio that involves token transfers on Devnet can be a little tricky since you need to obtain Devnet versions of these tokens. Follow these tips if you run into any issues.

What’s Next

We build Snowflake to make web3 on-chain automation possible on Solana. Snowflake serves at two layers - infrastructure for developers and application for end-users.

Our focus so far has been on the infrastructure layer which enables developer to build new classes of automation powered dapps. We also spent significant effort in building a highly extensible end-user UI platform which allow us to add new actions and checkers at speed and scale.

Over the up coming period, we are going to focus on hardening Snowflake smart contracts and Snowflake node operators network consensus model. We will also be incorporating user feedbacks and key suggestions as we prepare to launch in Solana Mainnet.

There are a number of interesting features in our roadmap which we are going to build by leveraging this solid infrastructure & automation framework. We hope to share the details as they become available.

Huge thanks to Solana team in Discord (Chido, Jacob, Trent, Michael), Armani for making Anchor, Tristan at Zeta ζ, Pierre at Mercurial Finance, Victor our counselling adviser, Anatoly Yakovenko & Raj Gokal for inspiring us to build on Solana and the broader ecosystem for all the support, feedback and guidance the moment we embarked building on Solana.

Crypto is still at its primitive stage. We believe that automation is the cornerstone of all future Dapps. Snowflake is the foundation and this is just the beginning.

Stay tuned !

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On-chain automation platform for Solana

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Snowflake Network

Snowflake Network

On-chain automation platform for Solana

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