How do we run Design Sprint in China?

Invented by Google Ventures and practiced by a lot of companies and organizations, Design sprint is an excellent methodology to solve not only design-related questions but critical business ones. Yet would it work outside the States? How useful would it be if introduced to China? Now we’re happy to share what we did, felt, and learnt along the course of promoting Design Sprint in China.

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As co-founder and Sprint Master of DSC (Design Sprint China), I came to know this incredible methodology during Google I/O 2014. After organizing my first Design Sprint workshop in Suzhou, together with my partners Jade and Ning, I launched DSC, the first Design Sprint community putting forward Design Sprint across different cities in China and encouraging all the DS fans to exchange thoughts and experiences.

I want to share our stories about what DSC does and how DSC helps Chinese audience innovate by using Design Sprint. First off, here come several types of activities that we organize now; later on, I’ll share more specific cases and vivid stories.

So far we have run 3 types of Design Sprints. They are:

Workshop. We organize 1–2 days Design Sprint Workshops in different cities every month, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, etc.. In 2017, we chose City 2.0 as the theme and main design challenge. All the participants come up with wild but novel ideas of solving emerging urban problems, for example, designing an online shopping site for the elderly.

Meetup. We have organized offline meetups in various places asking Design Sprint learners and practitioners to express confusion and share experiences of learning and adopting Design Sprint. Compared to workshops, meetup focuses on networking and appears to be more relaxing. Meanwhile, we have invited speakers to deliver speeches about design in a broad sense and associate their speeches to Design Sprint.

Live. Live can be a great way to summon target audience online wherever they are from. . Normally we showcase previous successful DS workshops and share tips in WeChat groups. We also have specific discussions on specific questions raised by participants. All that we do is to make sure participant don’t feel alone when they practice Design Sprint in their respective lives.

We also cooperate with universities and local governments to drive innovation from which we have had lots of successful cases and interesting stories. This is just the beginning of the journey, and we will for sure share more with people who are interested in Design Sprint. Stay tuned!

To know more details about DSC, please check: DSC video

Writer:Snow Hu; E-mail:

Editor:Mavis Wang(Organizer of DSC Beijing)