4 dangerous myths about Cat health.

Snowy Vets
Sep 26, 2018 · 3 min read

Cats for years, have been known to be mysterious creatures as well as possessing magical, superstitious powers. I guess it’s no surprise that they have influenced us (humans) and our habits over the years. I mean, they are always plotting to get us, right? So should we really be that scared…

Unfortunately our feline counterparts may not have been receiving the best possible care. Maybe because we thought they could heal themselves? Or more to the point there are some misleading Feline health Myths that we all have fallen for at some point. So we are here to debunk them and help you improve the longevity of your feline friend.

Myth 1 — Indoor cats don’t get sick.

We often hear clients say my cat doesn’t go outside so it doesn’t get sick and it doesn’t need a health check. It’s simply not true. Indoor cats may not be exposed to as many environmental dangers compared to an outdoor cat but there are still many illnesses that can affect them and their longevity.

I can’t say I’ve heard of outdoor only fleas, have you? There are plenty of health issues such as dental disease, diabetes, hypothyroidism and many more that are unrelated to indoor or outdoor lifestyles.

The question we should be asking is — is my cat healthy?

Myth 2 — healthy cats don’t need routine veterinary care.

Preventative care is the best form of defense against illness and injury, whether they live indoors or outdoors or a mix of both. This is why we recommend a Routine Health Check for your feline pals.

Routine Health Checks enable us to check for signs or symptoms of illness that your cat may be starting to show internally (which you can’t always see) or ones that they are at risk of and we can prevent.

Cats do have an independent attitude but it doesn’t mean they can regulate their health and cure themselves. Much like ourselves, all animals and vehicles need a regular check up.

A regular health check means we can create a baseline health for your feline friend so when things start to happen we know what is normal and what’s not. Rather than waiting for an emergency, we will be on the front foot (paw) preventing diseases and illness and in turn improving the longevity and quality of life for your beloved feline.

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Myth 3 — cat’s don’t show signs of illness.

We all drop the ball with this myth at some point or another. It’s not that cat’s hide their illness or injury they just have very different ways of expressing their pain. It can also be hard to notice considering our felines friends can sleep for 16 hours a day.

You know your cat better than anyone else, which means you will be able to notice changes in behaviour that may be linked to a health issue. To give your pet the best life possible it is important to stay aware, have open eyes so we can notice any changes that affect the bond between you and your cat. If you notice something different then call your vet and seek advice.

It’s better to be proactive and prevent than to react and face an emergency.

Myth 4 — skipping routine checks will save you money.

If you are worried that regular veterinary visits mean you’ll be spending lots of money on your pet — In the long run, preventative care can save you lots of money.

Many insect-borne, digestive and obesity issues are entirely preventable with regular check ups. Yes, this means regular visits to your Vet. Compared to Emergency care and treatment for chronic conditions, which are far more expensive, I know I’d rather regular checks any day.

So routine checks are a great way to ensure your feline friend is healthy and isn’t covering up any underlying issues. Just because your cat is an indoor cat doesn’t mean they aren’t at risk of serious diseases or illnesses. Always consult your local Veterinarian and remember the power of the human animal bond plays a vital role in quality of life.

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