Boarding your Pet? Here are 7 things you’ll need to know

Snowy Vets
Nov 15, 2018 · 3 min read

Traveling and going on holidays can be excited but unfortunately we can’t always take our furry companions. Working out the best care for your pets while you are away can be stressful.

The best thing you can do for you and your pet is be prepared. If you are considering a boarding facility continue reading for some tips to help you prepare for a calm, stress free adventure.

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  1. Ask for Referrals — Contact other pet owners you know and ask about their experience at boarding facilities. Ask for pro’s and con’s. You can also ask your local veterinarian for recommendations.
  2. Vaccinations — Is your pets vaccination up to date? Call and check with your local vet. Dogs need a c5 (Kennel Cough) in order to go to boarding kennels. If your pet has not had a Kennel Cough vaccine before, it may take weeks maybe even a month depending on how it’s administered. It is worth checking the rules at the facility to make sure you allow enough time for your pet to be protected and satisfy the boarding facilities vaccine protocol. Kennel cough is a highly contagious upper-respiratory infection that spreads quickly in the close confines of a boarding facility .Cats will generally need their annual vaccinations to attend.
  3. Check out the facility- If you are compiling a list of facilities it would be worth checking your top ones out. Find out if someone is at the premises 24/7 and if/what vet they contact in emergency situations. Also meet the staff that work their and see if a specific one is assigned to your pets care. Check the enclosures and overall facilities, do they have a fenced yard? is it a good size for your pet?, is the place clean? and is your going to be pet protected both in summer and winter from the elements?
  4. Read the rules- Most boarding facilities require your pets to have up-to-date vaccinations. Check the facilities open and closing hours especially for drop off and pick up. There is nothing worse than going to drop your pet off early in the morning and finding out out they are closed.
  5. Special Needs — Does your pet require special food or regular medication? be sure to check with the boarding facility to make sure they can accommodate your pets needs. Cats can easily stress, if you are boarding your cat check for a quieter cat ward, minimal urine smell, clean litter trays and kitty litter that your cat will use.
  6. What to bring — Special food, favourite bed? Check if you need to bring food or if the facility provide food. Remember to take your pets vaccination record, lead, collar, tag and anything else they require for registration.
  7. Do a dry run — See how you pet goes overnight for a sleep over. When you pick them up are they happy and reasonably clean? or dirty and clingy? If your pet comes home stressed and not themselves it may be worth looking at an alternative.

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