Stress Free Zone — Creating a calm clinic

Snowy Vets
Jan 15, 2019 · 2 min read

As of 2019 Snowy Vets are endeavoring to create a low stress environment for you and your pet. Recent studies have shown that up to 25–30% of animals that visit a Vet Hospital can have anxiety.

Lots of animals can become nervous in a clinic setting, with the strange smells, sounds, other animals, unfamiliar space or bad experience. It is really important for us to be able to create a ‘safe’ space for you and your pet. Allowing them to relax and build a trust relationship. This allows better information gathering from your pet, and also results in more cooperation when procedures need to be performed.

Our Cooma clinic is lucky enough to be purpose built allow us to have many features to help our endeavor.

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The reception area has a designated cat zone where our feline friends can hopefully relax a little more. With purpose equipped cat consulting room, where we can diffuse some feline pheromones to further improve their state of mind. We do the same in the cats only ward of the hospital, where cats can rest easy in their light filled and sound proofed room — seeing, smelling and hearing only other cats.

Of course, our dogs are equally well catered for. Another two consulting rooms are available for our canine patients, and they too have a huge grassed outdoor area where they can spend time outdoors, walk, sniff and generally be merry.

Although our Jindy clinic does not have separate areas for cats and dogs. The use of pheromone therapy is producing a positive impact.

What is pheromone therapy and how are we utilising it-

We will be utilising pheromone therapy throughout both our hospitals. Using feliway and adaptil plug-in diffusers that slowly release a pheromone to calm animals. These pheromones, whilst undetectable to us, serve to provide calming signals and soothe animals. This is non toxic and humans cannot detect the smell but animals certainly feel better after being in its presence.

We will also be using spray versions of pheromones (feliway and adaptil) allowing us to use it in our waiting room, on your cats bedding for travelling to and from our clinics and on bedding no matter where you are in our clinics.

If you have any questions, would like to learn more or if you would like to create a stress free zone at home get in touch with us. Give us a call 64557800 or drop us a line

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