A little bit about Kehr’s Candies at the Milwaukee Public Market

Today, I got the chance to spend a part of my evening at the Milwaukee Public Market, not only enjoying some of their delicious food, but getting to know a little more about the vendors and its employees.

I ate at the stand “Aladdin” that had delicious pita sandwiches, but was turned down twice when I asked if I could quickly interview the employees, so I went across the way to “Kehr’s Candies” where I was happily greeted by a guy named Marshall Glassifer, the manager and production of Kehr’s Candies.

Kehr’s Candies is the vendor at the Public Market that specializes in all types of candy and delicious custard. Glassifer told me that Kehr’s Candies has been around since 1930 and that this is the only standing retail location but they also have their main manufactuer somewhere on the West side of Milwaukee.

I learned that Glassifer has lived in Milwaukee his entire life, 45 years, and has been working for Kehr’s Candy for 10 years. His favorite item on the menu is the almond butter toffee and during the fall he loves the caramel apples that are only seasonal. He also told me that the most popular item is the sea salt caramel apart from the seasonal menu items such as the caramel apples, ice cream/custard and marshmallow stuffed bunnies.

Glassifer said that he loves working there because its always been a great environment. It is always so lively and social and he has fun working there getting to see and meet all different kinds of people. Glassifer was very friendly and open to answering my questions and to wrap it up, I bought a vanilla caramel swirl custard for the road, which exceeded my expectations.

Vanilla caramel swirl custard
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