1/29 — Friday Fun Reading — 6 links worthy of your attention

1. Bloomberg does a great write up on Facebook’s bold decision to blow up the like button. It takes amazing courage to tinker with something as iconic as the like button. With 6B likes a day, the author compares this experiment similar to messing with Coke Cola’s secret recipe.

2. The importance of messaging apps and its impact to consumer applications is passed the stage of dominance. Chris Messina recently wrote a piece on Conversational Commerce, attracting over 2.5k recommendations on Medium and inspiring a lot of conversation (no pun intended) about the future of e-commerce and the way we interact with technology.

3. The Future is near. Forget 2016 — it’s time to start thinking about failure mapping, mini-micro interactions as some of the design predictions for 2017

4. No Parking Here — Mother Jones. “How driverless cars and ridesharing will drastically reduce the number of cars on the road, solve gridlock, climate change, parking congestion, and… possibly cause the total collapse of the North American economy?”

5. The FANG playbook — Jim Cramer may have coined the term but Ben Thompson breaks it down into why these 4 mega companies really matter

6. Ending on a more somber note — On the 30th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster let us remember that what we experience today is largely because of great contributions from people in the past and we see further because we stand on the shoulders of giants…

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