The web is facing 3 major plagues which are suffocating the Web. All of these “Web 3.0” alternatives do not address the real core issues the Web faces today. The main issue is the ever escalating bandwidth crisis. The Web is built upon outdated, insecure, and slow technology. The last issue is the total and utter lack of law, order, identity, and accountability on the wild wild west we call the World Wide Web.

The web is broken, the future bandwidth crisis is inevitable, and outdated technology is slowly killing the web. The lack of law & order will continue to thrive on the web. We are providing an alternative web & technologies to avoid that crisis.


Web 3.0 is not a solution but it would act as a fast acting poison pill. The cult of Web 3.0 and all of its on-chain cult will push this flawed technology to no end. The global economy depends on a fast web & cheap bandwidth. If a solely decentralized/blockchain based web 3.0 solution replaced the modern web it would take up more bandwidth and at the very least crash the global economy. The term Web 3.0 is not a magic globe, a revolutionary idea, or a solution. Both topologies have their use cases but together they are a solution to an ever growing problem that has gone unchecked.