Give Me Some Time to Blow the Man Down!

In response to Colin Kaepernick’s comment at the big football game, the remark, while absolutely true, missed the boat. Sure, the ship is sinking, but if you have the presence of mind to see the ship is not unsinkable, it is up to you to get as many people who are confused and terrified off into the lifeboats as possible. Some, like Light Troller of the Titanic, rose to his finest hour of British seamanship as some men dressed as women and faked it. It is up to each one of us to stop being politically correct, being cool, and doing a movie star-type thing hogging the limelight to the very end and just count the cost of letting others get into the boat first. Rather than throwing a temper tantrum, “be British.” I believe in miracles. Somewhere out there in the cold, black universe, the Carpathia is under a full head of steam our way. Black, white, et al. The sea is cruel to all.

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