Stranger on the Shore

Pulling away in a Caribou from the white silver sands where stands my youth

Clutching a green beret in my innocent hands

Pieces of that puzzle all over our hidden floor

Need I say more

Edgar Allen Poe finished our friendship with “nevermore”!

Oh, it was so long ago and just yesterday we shared the same dream of freeing

The oppressed in what was to come.

On Smoke Bomb Hill it began and was done.

The “Test Case” that became our “Vietnam”

A nom de plume our Camelot doom.

Your colors, if you forgot in eternal repose, are

Teal blue and gold — I love them so though I am old

The stranger on the shore in me pulls away from

The friendship of you all of us gave

We gave it all we had for you and by the way

We remain gold and true, really true blue.

Author’s note: I wish I’d had more to give. You gave me the idealism that the James Dean of my youth lacked. Sure, some of it was fake, but those people were beautiful and frail and wanted what only we through your foresight could give: “the freedom George Washington knew by force of arms.” A lot of people were jealous of you and us, but most of all of the concept that wouldn’t die because many of us did.

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