Are those lice?

How cute! These friends sit in a row playing with the hair of the girl in front. I asked them what are they doing, they said they were killing lice.

Lice? It certainly can’t be! I spent a week living with these kids. We played badminton and cricket; we shared meals and sang together, and now you tell me that they had lice this whole time?

Shall I not play with them anymore? Shall I keep a distance? I certainly am not gonna hug any kid now!

But these are the kids whom I would die for. I came here to a rural village in India to care for them and be their friend. Certainly I am not their friend if I am not willing to kill lice in their hairs for them! But that’s disgusting! It means I would get lice too!

Hmm, I guess I would just get lice. There could be worse things in life, but if these kids I love have to live with lice in their hair, I guess I will be okay with lice in mine also.

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