I am a bear

People do a double take when I talk about my kids. They say my kids are nothing more than “stuffed animals” (how dare?) or worse, they call me crazy. (I know they think that in their heads.) They just don’t understand me. They have never met a bear like me before. Well, you can’t blame them. Have you met a bear? I mean….personally? Your experience with our kind has probably been limited to the occasional visit to zoo. No, you didn’t stop in front of the bear exhibit very long. Well, it’s ok if you don’t know me well; we tend to fear the unknown, even for a bear like me.

If you pay attention you will realize that I am a bear. The resemblance does not stop at the shape of my body. I am that nice furry non-threatening Mr. Snugggle whom you can snuggle with. When provoked, I tend to lose my shit and collapse the ceiling, especially when I am sleepy and haven’t hibernated for a while.

More importantly, if I am not a bear, how can I have so many beautiful bear children?

Here are some photos of my wife, my kids, and I sleeping in.

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