Thank You Obama

Last night my wife cried while watching President Obama’s farewell speech praising his staff and Michelle. While I personally don’t agree with his party’s ideas for America, it has been a great eight-year period for our country.

I know some of us in tech or coastal cities probably got the better end of the deal than my many friends in the Midwest and South, but credit must go to where it is due. On every metric from unemployment to healthcare, from economic growth to troops deployed, we have come a long way.

I still remember flying home from a job interview when the Bear Stearns news broke. I started at a job, bought a new house, and got married to a grad student at an uncertain time. Mass layoff was a yearly tradition. I never knew if I would lose my job. Since my wife was in law school at the time, my low six figure salary could barely get us by.

Fast forward eight years later, we make almost quadruple of that, we have advanced remarkably in our separate careers, and our house has doubled its price. We no longer worry about putting food on the table or taking the vacation we want. In a nutshell, we have been benefited tremendously from one of the greatest economic recoveries in American history.

It’s then ironic that American people ended up voting for someone who ran his campaign to destroy everything Obama had done or stood for. Yes I understand why (I read too many co-op pieces and analysis) but it’s still bizarre.

Don’t lose hope my fellow Americans. Let’s give our new president a chance. Often time we fret over the absurd and the unknown and they sometimes turn out to be blessings in disguise. Yes, he is unorthodox. He has picked a lot of billionaires to run the country; he has tweeted his unfiltered thoughts. Whether these will become his genius is yet to see; let’s be patient. This has been an extraordinary election and maybe he will be an extraordinary president.

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