There’s a BIG problem with american blacks clinging to narratives without full consideration of the…
Anari Sengbe

I get what Anari Sengbe is saying @shaft and also get your point as well. However, as a black CTO I have to lean more with Anari Sengbe. I run a developer community of 10,000 developers from around the world (5,000 of them being in a slack community). And I gotta tell ya, TONS of #BlackCoddling going around the industry and lots of excuses. There may be an “issue” with minorities in the industry but truth be told it’s tennis, not solitaire. Pick your ass up off your shoulders and make a difference I tell every one of them. Male OR female. The real ones activate the fake ones run off and make excuses why “the man” won’t hire them. And if someone doesn’t let you make your way, go out and grind your way to CTO. Just like I did. You may have heard crickets in a CTO summit in Silicon Valley @Shaft however, sometimes when relationships are poor and there are “No viable partners to court” often it’s because we are in the wrong city. #FreeJewelry. If you’re ever out in NYC we can mash it up on the topic. 50% I can rock with. The other 50% I understand you’re sellin’ it. Just can’t buy it.

As Mother calls it P.L.O.M. (Poor Little Old Me) syndrome. Gotta watch out.


The (other) Black CTO

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