Negative vibes are contagious like a disease.

When a person change up to the high level in the job title, there’re people who didn’t like that person.
It’s a rule of life.
The leader isn’t a boss, that’s a positive statement from my own mind.
But there’re people who put a negative statements about the leader.

I know sometimes people just trying to remind us to be careful and aware for what we do.

People just say what they want, from A to Z.

From negative to positive opinion.
You know, it was never easy to heard something bad or face the sarcasm words from people when you do something wrong in your job. 
Even if it was a little fault.

We all know, people must do something wrong to gain something good for life lessons.

We better take all of the statements to learn how to be a good leader for many people.

And we just have to close the ears than must to close any of those people’s mouth if there are who said a silly words or mocking you in a person as a leader.

There’re too much positive vibes around us that give a positive mind from something that looks bad.

Just change it into a positive perspectives.

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