Speaking vs Writing

I tend to understand english in writing, reading, and listening than speaking because it’s a difficult thing to do.

I must searching for the words in my head and pick a good vocab, so the people will understand with my purpose. I must translate it one by one before speak, sometimes it makes me crazy.

It can take a long time to say something with people I talked to.
I always need a friend to correct it. I Just wanna know how to speak english better and people understand with my purposes.

But when I write something, it never take a long time to make one sentences or even one paragraph, just need a few minute to make it. Writing is easier than speaking.

Maybe I’m nervous when I’m trying to speak.
I don’t know if my words sounds hilarious to heard by the other in a bad pronunciation or I made another faults. 
I think I’m not a better speaker yet. 
So that’s why I will take an english courses until I can speak english better and get more confident to speak in english. And fluently in english.

Speaking is unlike writing. Quite different, eventhough we can be fast getting vocabs in writing. It’s not necessarily in speaking. Because there’s not a delete button while we speak.
I’m writing easily than do speaking. Never know why, but I always getting much the vocabs when I write.

I do a lot of english practice at home by my self. 
Download some e-book & audio book of english basic or grammar, get more important vocabs, I did a lot of listening to west music and watching western movies without Indonesian subtitle, I watched a lot of english youtube channel and etc. 
But, I think it’s not really efficient forp me to get more confident in speaking english, maybe I’m not challenge myself to do some adifficult exercises. I do practice just when I want to do it. And I’m just practice how to pronounce some words, just memorize some words or sentences and translate it. 
I really wanna talk in english regularly but people in my surrounding can’t speak english well. 
I have a lot of friends who can speak english better than me. But they’re too busy with their activity. So we’re rarely meet up and talk directly.

Many of people said that reading could improve our vocabs. And vocabs help us to improve the ability for speaking.

Is that right? I think a lil bit agree with those statements.

But, what we must to do to change up our minds about the difficulties of speaking in english like a native person?

Keep struggling and give a more strive in every our practice! Makes some goals when we do it, give ourselves a reward if we get an achievement.

Now I’m trying to set my mind for positive thinking, I give a statement for my self if speaking in english is easy to learn. So I can learn to speaking english much easily than before.

Some people take reality for granted, but I’m not.

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