Tryst to Split.

I should to impose my self for writing about it, too many words and sentences in my head.

Think about everything.
I wanna write it all down here.
Just random thoughts and my assumption about something that disturbing me lately.

In a few months ago, I think I likes him lots.

After 8 years we didn’t meet in person directly and on august 2K16 we met in his home. It was not coincidence. It’s all planned by my mom, short story.. my mom and her mother are friendships. Actually my mom intends to do a silaturahim.

I didn’t know him better for 6th year when we’re in the same school.

We’re never talked with each other and not even single word that I said to him for 6 years together in the same school.

We didn’t make it well for the serious relationship. Yeah we are. I know he was understand me a little better but I just can’t put my self in a relationship with every-men right now, in this age. We have the same reason why we’re not being something.

After august we’re texting, I knew we both are nice and giving the best replies every time, we’re trying to know each other but not in details, just from the outside.

Then I realized, that’s only a good relation between two friends. I already made some faults at the first time, I’m too fast to decide if I likes him lots. But it’s already happened.

As a normal man, indirectly, he was know if I gave him a big interests and due to that case I had give more weird feelings into our friend relation.

Then, after august until december I couldn’t do anything for dealing with myself. What should I do with this weird feelings?

Just continue the communication.
It was called a relationship without status. Again, I’m over-confident to describe what we are. Sorry. It seems like he said that, “hey, we’re only a friend, and you knew that huh”, Just imagine he whispered those words into my ear. lol

I had a lil thought that our own decision was gave more chance to each other for achieving self-goals first before we convinced ourselves to do some serious things in the right time.

Now I will make sure to keep my distance from him for a while, just for threw away my weird feelings. Hey, I always forever be your friend.

I thought..

Only people who had patience and had a strong hearts who was involved to the relationship without status.

Eventhough, they’re realized if it could be ends with painful and disappointing. Moreover, if actually they’re loving another person at the same time. Will you ever know that?

In the end, Love is a beautiful thing in human’s life and it can makes us happier to live if it comes in a right time.

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