The Monday Movement- “In Your Time”

It’s been a long time since I’ve been back here on The Movement. If memory serves, it was late February, the boss was touring in the US, and we were getting set to head up to Milwaukee to see him and the E-street band tear the house down at The Bradley Center. And man is that exactly what they did! I could write an entire post just on the setlist alone, the fact that it was my first show, and the great company I was in attendance with; it was truly a special occasion. Shortly after that however, life became very busy as it seems to always do……and the beginning of the next chapter of my life began to unfold.

God’s dream for your life is so much bigger than your own. If you would have done it earlier, you wouldn’t have been prepared. Now is your time. You are about to step into what you were created to do. You are about to step into a new level of your destiny. And so the disappointments, and the delays, and the setbacks in the past were all a part of the plan to get you prepared for right now. Nothing was wasted; it strengthened you, you developed trust, endurance, and confidence, and now you are prepared for this time. You’re on the runway about to take off.” -Joel Osteen

Around the time of my last post there was so much happening in my life. There was so much excitement, enthusiasm, optimism, and love….so much to look forward to. It was by no coincidence my last two posts were “It’s for You” by Melissa Etheridge and “This is Your Sword” by Bruce. At that time, I had entered into a relationship with an old friend. Little did both of us know that we were sitting right there in front of each other’s faces for almost four and a half years. Our friendship as I viewed it at the time, was one based on trust, support, compassion, honesty, and healing. We were both so passionate about so many of the same things. There’s a story behind it (involving music of course), but one day I began to feel differently towards her, as well her towards me. Together we decided to “ease into it” and give dating a try. This “try” didn’t last very long, as I knew almost immediately, that not only was this the right decision, not only could I feel in every cell in my body the love, tenderness, and devotion for this beautiful soul, but I knew that this was the person that I was going to spend the rest of my life with. And I’m grateful she felt the same way, because a few months down the road she said yes when I asked her to marry me. It was pure joy! As one of my favorite artists says, “it crashed into me,” and boy I could feel it!

Amidst all of the excitement going on, I was still finishing up graduate school pursuing state licensure to become a licensed professional counselor. I still had five more classes to complete as well as my clinical internship. Things could not be going any better as I was learning a ton in both the classroom and the clinical experience; my confidence was high, things were aligning, and I was feeling so good allowing trust and patience to guide me all the way to the finish line. And that they did with the exception of a few school administrative bumps and bruises. In late June I finished my final grad school class ever and I looked onward.

After completing a three year program, and not yet being fully in the workforce, there was a transitional period that emerged for me. A period involving times of reflection, looking ahead to future possibilities, searching the job market determining where and what for there is a need, and times in which I was trying to identify what direction to walk in based on my goals and interests. I was experiencing many emotions during this time, not only from life’s natural course, but as we also moved into a new home. We were settling in, making the adjustments, and enjoying the ride. But as I mentioned earlier, life became very busy, and the stress and uncertainty that comes along with that began to surmount. Out of this came the inspiration behind this post….while walking out to the car about to go pick up dinner on a Sunday night, a thought popped in my head before I opened the door; “get Seger’s greatest hits out of the trunk and put it on loud.”

I don’t know why I had that thought at that exact moment, but it was one I payed attention to. I put on the cd without hesitation and was immediately taken back to several years ago the last time I remember playing it. This one I always played in its entirety from start to finish as it’s just one of the records you have to do justice by doing so. I even remember playing this album over and over on my way back to college one summer. “What was that final track I liked so much,” I asked myself. And so I put on track #14…….

In your time,
 The innocence will fall away.
 In your time,
 The mission bells will toll.
 All along
 The corridors and river beds,
 There’ll be sign
 In your time.

“Yes! This is the one,” I said out loud. There’s a certain calming this song brings forth, a settling down if you will, while in the midst of distress. A theme of “everything is going to work out just the way it should” comes through in this one that leaves you feeling encouraged even though challenges are on the horizon. Heck, perhaps you are going through the difficult time right now, you are in the middle of it. Maybe the lessons we are to learn, suggestions we ought to take, thoughts and feelings we should be paying attention to, and people we should trust, we can’t quite see clearly while going through the experience.

Towering waves,
 Will crash across your southern capes.
 Massive storms
 Will reach your eastern shores
 Fields of green, will tumble through your summer days
 By design,
 In your time.

BY DESIGN……what is happening to us (or for us, as I continue to say more and more) is happening for a reason. And what I’ve learned is that we may never know or understand the why; so to a degree there is going to be uncertainty, worry, and concern. The rub though is to know what to do with that, and how to manage it. And once again folks the core themes of The Movement enter in; trust, faith, hope, belief, love, reflection, and acceptance. Asking yourself the questions what? or how? seem to attract more of what we want to bring into our lives rather than continuously asking the question why? By focusing our attention on what we want to bring in more of, rather than what we are lacking in our lives, we change the focal point, or the lens. What is it within me that wants to come through? Is it your creative side? How can I best use my time to do good? Here’s the thing, we don’t get to see what is coming our way or what is lying ahead for us. So what do we do, worry and complain? I think The Stones said something about getting what you need and not necessarily what you want, how does that one go again?

I really like Seger’s use of the lyrics in this song using them as a metaphor for life. While examining his choice of words, it is evident that he is writing about the ups and downs of life; the ebbs and flows, the disappointments but also the opportunities, and the personal adversities but also the redemption that life throws at us and offers.

Feel the wind,
 And set yourself the bolder course.
 Keep your heart,
 As open as a shrine
 You’ll sail the perfect line.

Trust that where you are right now is exactly where you need to be. Not what you want to be, what you think you deserve, where you think you should be, or what somebody did to you. Those kinds of people are out there and all kinds of things happen for a million different reasons, but you know what; we are all getting what we need, in our own ways. And when you take a long and honest look at it, we get what we need exactly when we need it the most. And what we don’t see in the moment, that we are able to see down the road, is the fact that it doesn’t play out as you originally envisioned it according to the timetable that you wanted it to happen on. I really can’t say it any better than Bob does in the verse above, nor do I think it should be said in any other way, but if you keep your heart open (to other possibilities, new experiences, a little frightening thought) you will sail a perfect line.

All of this happens in time, and as Bob says, “in your time.” In our time we will come to the conclusions and find the answers to the questions we have been asking. We will see with clarity the solutions to that which has been unresolved and has eluded us. But the only way to do this is to keep working, keep trusting, keep learning, keep moving forward, keep smiling, and keep doing your best. This is when we live our way into the answers and our desires. When the worry and uncertainty roll in, feel the wind as you set yourself on your bolder course, and remember…’ll be fine.


And after all,
 The dead ends and the lessons learned,
 After all
 The stars have turned to stone,
 There’ll be peace
 Across the great unbroken void,
 All benign
 In your time
 You’ll be fine
 In your time