The Monday Movement- “It’s For You”

The year is 1992, the album is “Never Enough”, the song is “It’s for you” by Melissa Etheridge. Yep, another 90's song, go figure. What can I say guys, these are just a part of me, in more ways than one.

So have you ever re-discovered an artist that was a huge part of your past, that you just fall in love with all over again? This has happened to me with Melissa’s third released album, “Never Enough.” If there’s a theme that pours through on this one, it’s “fearless love.” It’s palpable, visceral, pure, soulful and real; it’s authentically from the heart. You can feel this from the beginning as the drums hit hard reaching a depth inside of you that one only becomes conscious of when listening to music. And she hasn’t even started singing yet….

Who hasn’t sang “come to my window” before, or rocked out to “bring me some water?” We all have; but up until a few weeks ago, I had never heard “It’s for you.” As I write this, it’s extremely difficult to come up with words that accurately depict the feelings brought up in this beautiful song. She is speaking to herself in this one, as well as others from her past and into her future; future lovers. There is a shifting dialogue throughout this song, a continuous conversation with herself as well as these other people. It’s for you, as in “I’ll give you my all, my everything, my whole heart,” is being communicated here. But also, its’ for you, as in “It’s for you Melissa, it’s for yourself.” It’s for you to learn from, to grow in the midst of, to experience emotion because of, and to keep close to your heart as you move forward. Let’s dive into the lyrics……which are fucking amazing!

Hey you watching as this light bleeds all over me, 
 Shadows rise and fall listen as I call is this reality, 
 I will be with you tonight, 
 and tomorrow be 1,000 miles away 
 I will be with you tonight, 
 I will be with you as long as you say stay

I will be with you tonight, and tomorrow be 1,000 miles away….this I believe speaks to how powerful the love can be between two people. Tonight we will be together experiencing this amazing feeling; some may say, as one. And tomorrow, we will still be one even though I’m far away from you. In proximity, yes there may be a significant distance in space or in measured miles. But Melissa is carrying this lover with her in her heart, and so you see they are always connected. I will be with you as long as you say, stay……I am here always, for you, she is saying. My read here is that there is an understanding, and arrangement made between these two people (maybe spoken of, maybe not.) One that suggests a deep commitment to one another, to not only stay true to the relationship, but to remain honest with oneself about their own feelings; and as long as that love is there in pure form on both ends, together they will be….for as long as the other says, “stay.”

One little piece of my soul, 
 One little piece of my whole life,
 I give to you, 
 Take it now!

I’m not sure I have seen this message communicated more concisely and succinctly while maintaining the raw power of the love behind the words. These four lines carry the weight that an entire poem, a story, a marriage, a commitment, and for some, perhaps an entire lifetime hold. Melissa is not simply mouthing the words, “I love you” because she thinks it’s what her lover wants to hear. This is not about ensuring that someone’s feelings do not get hurt. When you give someone a piece of your soul, a piece of your whole life, something bigger is going on, something that is difficult to describe using words alone. I mean really, when we’re talking about the willingness, courage, vulnerability, and undeniable honesty that it takes to do what Melissa is singing about here, words just cannot capture that by themselves. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

I’m with you,
 I’m not with my lover, 
 It’s not for another broken heart, 
 It’s for you 
 Not just for some shattered dream I once knew, 
 It’s for you 
 It’s for you

This is a statement made with sincere conviction! A pledge made to the other half that when I’m with you, you are getting all of me. Melissa is talking about being entirely present in the moment, in THIS relationship. She is 100% invested in this….not partially, not sometimes, not when she feels like it, not when it’s convenient, but always and completely. And that means sticking around even when times get tough. She’s in for the long run wherever it goes, ridin’ the river, wherever it goes. I’m not with my (former) lover suggests once again that you are getting all of me, the person I am today, the best me, the one that has learned from the past, has grown from it, has healed from it, and one that is fully ready to give THIS a chance, without any inhibitions.

It’s not for another broken heart….I am not entering into this relationship for any other reason, than to grow closer to you, to build our love together, on the foundation of our dreams, our honesty, our trust, and our commitment to one another. This is not just another fling to pass the time resulting in heartbreak like so many times before; we are giving this the fair shot that it needs and deserves in order for us to blossom into something so special, so irresistible, and so captivating, that neither of us will be able to deny it (and why would you want to!?).

I will never leave, Inside of you a piece of me will stay… is that fearless love I mentioned earlier. It’s fierce and solidified! This song brings intense emotion to the surface; feelings of hope, excitement, joy, passion, optimism, fear, betrayal, loss, and sadness. But the burning desire for love, to both give and receive it, supersedes all. The light replaces the darkness every time, if you allow for it. Don’t leave too early, and don’t give up on it. Love will prevail!

In this song, Melissa is talking about giving yourself fully to another. However, there are some prerequisites first. Taking it on faith, trust, hope and belief requires courage and willingness of course. But needed along with this, is action; She is describing the ability to give, and in doing so, increasing your odds to receive back equally what you put out. Offer what it is that you have to give, unconditionally, and without any expectation; show it and express it every single day. Be grateful and appreciative for it. Continue to water it and take care of it as you move forward. The results will be vast, undeniable, and unlimited as you find yourself coming into your new reality, the one you have always dreamed of. Remember, it’s for you!!

Thanks for reading and check out this AMAZING song below….


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