The Online Customer

Trying to understand the mind, or identity of a customer online is a pretty difficult task to do.

Customer identity changes online because now it is only you and now you can express yourself freely without being “judged” by other people. Being online gives a customer more of a voice and opinion.

Who are you online?

Example: when you are in a store you would easily get intimidated by the presence of let’s say the manager, while online you have your true voice and is not feeling intimidated by anyone. You can now freely speak your opinion. An online customer has a free expression.

While talking about the customer’s online identity it is still important to take note of their security. Although they have an online identity they still want the security of their identity not being yelled out to everybody, because that is why they go online rather doing it face to face.

In the online world a customer have the freedom of choosing what they want to see. They can choose either to skip an advertisement or to check out the whole 30 seconds. The online customer is much more informed about what they want in a specific product or brand.

The online customer wants to get to the point. The customer don’t want to search hours and hours for the correct information regarding your brand or your product, the content must be useful and informational in order to drive the customer. This is why the customer is going to your online store rather than the outlet in the nearest shopping mall.

It is important to take the identity of your customers to mind, because they want to be indirectly “known” as to what they buy and what their interests are. They want to be appreciated for their part because in real life it is not happening.

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