atom AR

[made with pure professionalism]
“Make education less miserable for everyone” — Alex & Yoon 2016

created by: Alex Ouyang, Seung Yoon Oh

What is atomAR?

atomAR is an Augmented Reality application that is intended to teach students chemistry. Using this app, students can combine different element atoms to create chemical bonds while getting direct visual feedback of their actions! It is an effective and interactive way students can learn chemistry!

How it Works:

Step 1: The user needs to print out special QR cards that the application will use to detect and render the corresponding element atom right above the QR card. To combine elements, the user simply needs to drag the cards together.
Step 2: Once the cards are together, the application will determine if the combination of the element atoms is a valid chemical bond.
Step3: If the validity of the bond is met, the application will change the card to the corresponding chemical formula of the bond. The visual image of the atoms will also change as they will combine together to form the chemical bond.

Technologies Used:

atomAR utilizes openCV for pattern recognition of the specific cards and for marker tracking. openGL is used to render the visual representations of the atoms and the animation of the chemical bonds. In terms of the technical aspects regarding openGL, we will use shadow mapping (3 points), flat polygon shading, particle effects (1 point), halo effect (1 point) and collision detection (2 points).

atomAR = Creativity + Imagination + Artistry

atomAR not only has incredibly graphical features such as flat polygon shading, shadow mapping and particle effects, but it also integrates augmented reality technology. This will allow users to fully immerse themselves by interacting with the graphical models, resulting in a better way of learning chemistry.

Week 1 Progress:

  • Brainstormed.
  • Investigated Augmented Reality technologies via openCV.
  • Solidified overall big picture, created Icon and Design Blueprint of our application.
  • Started working on Shadow Mapping.
  • Started working on original 3D models (Cuz we are creating ourselves).
  • Started composing original music/audio effects.
  • pictures:
Using OpenCV/ARToolKit to identify the square marker (left) Rendering a cube using openGL (right)

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