On Liking the Unlikeable Hillary Clinton
Melissa McEwan

There’s a good book by Mitch Preinstein, “Popular: The Power of Likability in a Status-Obsessed World,” that talks about likeability as a predictor of later success. But, Donald Trump is nowhere close to likeable.

Actually, HRC has many of the traits that make one likeable according to this data-based book: she listens, makes you feel heard and important, and cares about things outside of herself.

The terrifying thing, the sad thing….is that I didn’t realize there were so many hateful….deplorable people is our country. Intolerant, violent, lie-accepting, unfazed by rational argument people. And dumb enough to think some greedy stupid millionaire is going to work on their behalf. I never judge people as dumb/smart, but anyone who believes that Trump wants to help them despite tons of evidence to the contrary is beyond dumb.

I’m starting to wonder about a two country solution!