How Creating a “Writing Work Space” Drastically Improved My Writing Habits

Girl looking at a laptop, courtesy of Pexels

I’ve never heard of a “writing workspace” before I started watching a video series called “The Writer’s Toolkit: 6 Steps to a Successful Writing Habit” on Skillshare. The host of the series, author Simon Van Booy, had a video specifically discussing why it is important for writers to have a space in your home just for writing.

He argued that when you create that space for yourself, you’ll be better able to work and accomplish your writing goals within your space. It is your “sacred space” to create, flow, and connect with your writing.

I hadn’t thought of having any writing workspace, as I tended to write wherever I find most convenient.

But when I tried it out, the results were phenomenal! However, I should give a little context first.

My Old Workspace and Habits

Whenever I wrote before, I would do so wherever possible. Be it a Starbucks, a library, or any room in the house, I would write.

Or at least those were my intentions.

That didn’t always work out that way. I would be prone to the distractions around me, spend more time “breaking” from writing than actually writing, and eventually stop at the drop of a hat.

It could be argued that writing, or any kind of art, is best inspired some sort of inconvenience. “Art is suffering,” some could say. However, I know my squirrel-minded tendencies are curved when I give myself some structure.

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My New Challenge

I gave myself a simple process to start:

  1. Clear off a desk in the house that’s rarely used.
  2. Brew some green tea. (It’s both energizing and relaxing for me.)
  3. Turn off my phone and put somewhere I can’t easily access it.
  4. Get to work.

Decluttering the desk was the most important step, making sure to only keep the writing materials I need around. I’ve realized that I think more fluidly when I have less junk lying around.

Marie Kondo would be so proud of me!

I cranked out 4–7 pages of a screenplay I was working on within an hour. Compared with the minimal two hours it would normally take me to even focus on two measly pages, this was a huge improvement for me.

Having done this consistently for the past two weeks has given me a few things:

  1. Something to look forward to every night. (My creativity “peaks” at night.)
  2. Peaked focus and creativity.
  3. A semi-solid routine.

As a person who forever struggles to create a routine for myself, being able to start building the habit of writing every night for an hour or so has been able to help me be consistent. In doing so, I’ve been (creatively) burning out less.

Organized Work Space, courtesy of Pexels

Advice to You

Try it out for a week and see what happens. It might be weird at first, especially if you have a roommate or a pet that tend to distract you. But it’s worth it!

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