Is techonology a trap for living ?

Admiral Ackbar

With all the techonology, with the advent of smartphones and the post-PC era, our lives are moving too fast and sometimes we forgot how important is to have contact with someone else without our phones. I had a conversation with some of my colleagues at college, and most of then told me they spend 4 to 7 hours checking his phones, and most of the time in messages apps. So, the fact that we can talk with anyone, anytime is taking the desire to talk in person ?

Truth be told, technology can bring the world in the palm of your hand, you talk with someone that is miles away from you. However, without doubt the world seems to be less interested on knowing about other people`s life, at least in person. Who never was in a reunion with friends and after sometime realized that every person on the table was looking at their phones ? We are surely using smartphones too much. We are already calling this an addiciton. It's a disease we have to look closely, because not only can cause addiction, but also is already causing divorces, breakups, and many other social problems.

Children today have to keep in mind that "there is life" outside the 3.5–7.5(sometimes) inches, and they have to enjoy this life. Life it's a gift that we all share, let's take the best out of it.