Why education is like that ?

We can’t deny education has been the same for five hundred years or more! Some things changed, we can’t deny this either, but there are some teachers and even professors that insist in reproduce some of the oldest techniques in teaching. For instance:

  • Grab a peace of paper that has the same informations that is in the books, and just rewrite in the white board.
  • Just telling the student what to do, instead of telling why you do.
  • Feel threatened when “challenged” by the student and, in consequence just impose his point of view.
  • Ask(command) the student to do projects or homework with impossible deadlines.
  • Believing that we only have his subject to study.

To point this out I spend 10 minutes thinking about my professors and my sister’s teachers, that is 15 years old. As you can see, professors that are in university for several years and recent graduate teachers has the same mindset.

Two weeks ago I saw a video with Michael Moore that shows how education is treated in Finland. In case you don’t known, the Finns are in first in level of education. In one moment Moore ask the coordinator about the secret sauce of Finland that could bring they to the top of the list. The answer was:

“We don’t have homework!”

“WAT ?” Yeap, this was my reaction too. Just the idea of being “homework free” confuses me. But don’t you think this means that you have nothing to do. They invest a lot their time in projects, hand work, etc. It’s really important for the country for their students to be happy, we can see that on the documentary.

I saw in many articles and papers that the brain sometimes needs to shutdown to work at the maximum performance. In Finland they take this pretty seriously. Here, in Brazil, the schools and universities works to the opposite of this idea. If they can put more and more subjects for you, they will. The hole system in Brazil is actually wrong, because we still give more value to grades, rather than good students.

My opinion is that we have to give the opportunity to the student to clear up your mind, by doing many things they want; such as mechanics, arts, programming, and many others. In consequence they will be happy to be in school, they will like to be there. To be good in school, we have to be peaceful with our minds. And to be peaceful with our minds we need more than 6 hours of sleep.