One searches for it all one’s life, if one truly wants to know.
Ron Collins

I agree with almost everything you say, except two things:

  • sexually aggressive women: I’d have to know exactly what you mean by that. I’m not saying women like that don’t exist. But I also believe it is perfectly possible for a woman to be free and forthright about her sexuality, and not be aggressive. The question is how men on the other end take it and how they respond to it. It is certainly a complicated question involving mores, history, biology etc. But I must say I am distrustful of the term “sexually suggestive women”; it has been used to often to justify violence, as in “she was asking for it”. I’m pretty sure that’s not what you’re saying, though.
  • left-of-centrist people: I’ve met a lot of people who respond to your description. Sadly, it seems to be a trend nowadays. But that doesn’t mean wanting to change the world is something intrinsically wrong, although I can see the advantages of doing in a more proximal field. Changing your community for the better because you don’t want any of the good things to change certainly makes sense. But not *all* “world-changers” are jerks, surely? And likewise, not all yes-sir no-sir folk are wonderful and simple. Humanity, and societies, are complex things.
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