Why I watch movies

For the stories, sure. Sometimes, for inspiration. But mostly I’m looking for — alternatives. Different ways to live. Move differently, speak differently, set my face in a different way. Interact with the world in a different way, so the world will interact in a different way with me.

There are questions I ask of the movies I watch: should I be silent more, or speak more? Clean more or make more of a mess? The people in this film, are they happy, are they fulfilled? Why does their life break? And their lives always break, that’s what films are about. Could they have avoided it? And if they could have, say, by staying completely still, not moving, not speaking, not feeling — should they have? Was the risk of being out there in the world worth it? Was the pleasure worth it?

I study the smile on the actors’ faces as if they were real. That’s what films are made for, they are there to make us believe, and I believe it. I look for the lessons they are trying to teach me. These fake people that are real.

What strange worlds we create for ourselves.

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