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Americans like you and me are being pushed beyond our limits and the backlash will not be pretty. We did everything we were told to. Stay out of trouble, don’t get hooked on drugs or booze, get a really good education, work hard. We did. Then we were thrown to the wolves by a system that no longer values human beings. We are to be pillaged and plundered from every predator from the IRS to payday lenders. Suddenly kicking the people made poor none of their own doing is in vogue. Remember when there was once usury? Now its 1,500% loans and people like Debbie Wausermann Schultz gleefully takes their money. If there is a Jesus he has every reason to damn mankind to extinction for we have lowered ourselves beyond the cockroaches.

I’d say to the IRS. I do not have nor will I ever have the money you claim I owe. So jail me now in a non violent facility (like the kind Bernie Madoff now sits in) and you can feed me, cloth me, provide for my medical care, and make sure I have a library of books and a movie shown once a month. It might be a limited life but you will have few worries. I think most of us are headed towards debtor prison.

One day when the elites and their political shrills are munching on their $50 lunches in a cozy restaurant corner in DC the revolution will begin. Like the Civil War it will spread like wild fire. Also like the Civil War it will be bloody and ugly.

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