Do We Dare To Be?

Do we dare to be that country again in which a college degree would lead you on the road to success? Do we dare be that country again in which the middle and upper middle class flourishes and the working poor have a path to a better life? Do we dare again to have the world’s best public education system?

Do we dare again to have a foreign policy that promotes peace instead of saber raddling? Do we dare again to have politicians that we might actually respect? Do we dare again to have the envy of world for having the best workforce in the world? Do we dare again to have companies that look upon their employees as an asset not a cost to be marginalized and cut at every corner.

Do we dare be a county again in which hard work would mean financial stability throughout age 65? Do we dare be a country again in which our people can save for the future and afford some modest luxuries? Do we dare again have a country with young adults able to start independent living while older adults can retire and live the remainder of their lives in dignity?

Too many pundits have told me that the United States can never have those things again. Globalization, technology, need for profit, etc. all mean that most Americans must accept a poorer, darker and less hopeful future. Goodbye well paying job, hello gig.

I say no to anyone buying the neoliberal program. Is this what we are willing to settle for after 240 years? Are we going to seriously take this as our narrative and our future?

It’s time to return the United States to the land of opportunity 21st century style. That means others that were not included before will be. It means using technology and innovation to advance and better our society not destroy it. It means Americans proud to be living in America.

It will never be perfect. It was far from perfect in the mid 1960s when the American standard of living was at its highest and we were on the road to putting men on the moon, with 1960s technology. And I doubt we want to go back to AM Radio, rotary dial phones, standing in line at the bank, big paper maps instead of GPS and really bad beer.

Let’s stop whining and making excuses. Let’s tell the pundits to take a hike. Let’s dare to be something much bigger and better than a bunch of Uber drivers, product promoters, retail clerks and multiple job part time workers.

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