Dreams of a New Community?

My dream. A new community that is created by those wanting to back to a simple way of life and live for the experience of life and connection to others. To join you would apply, go through an interview and criminal background check. If accepted you would join the community. You would need to forego this modern day lifestyle that is not mean’t for the human race and literally killing us.

You would be given basic but safe housing. You would work in the local community doing something of use paid in a local currency. The work week would be capped at 35 hours, weekends off except for emergency institutions like rescue, fire and hospitals. All work would be “full time”. There would be centralized day care and health care. Local collected taxes would fund community public organizations, which would be controlled by democratic vote.

You would support the local shops and businesses also run by fellow community members. There would be centralized mass transit and car sharing. Luxuries would be confined to wifi, a lap top or desk top and a tablet. Each community member would be required to join civic associations.

There would be a centrally collected funds supported by taxes to help the old and the ill. However, that would be supplemented by volunteers that would look after the elderly and infirm.

There would be a board of regents voted on by fellow citizens. Political parties would be outlawed.

This is not classic socialism. Much of the community efforts would be carried out by its own citizens not bureaucrats. As an example care for the elderly and sick. Much of the non medical care would be accomplished through civic volunteer organizations and citizens. The entire premise and requirement of residing in the community would be agreeing to actively participate in the community. Civic organizations would be the primary means to look after the health, security and safety of community members. This would keep taxes lower. For example, you could volunteer to drive a city bus one night a week or on a weekend.

Income differences would be much smaller. People would still be paid upon their skill level but not to the current disgusting 400 to 1 level. Pay differentials would be no more than 20 to 1 (like it was in the US during the 1960s). In turn for giving up the potential to make an outrageous sum of money, people would have the security of a job not subject to layoffs, outsourcing or insourcing.

Young people would graduate the equivalent of high school and first start in a vocation for one year. After that vocation period they can either attend local college, a trade school or continue in that vocation. This will give young people exposure to the workplace before starting their education. Local curriculum would be voted on by parents.

This would be a short list of the provisions of this new society chosen by people that have applied and been accepted. People that want to preserve the values of self responsibility, community, and humanity.