The middle class is about to flourish, and it’s not a good thing
Adam James Silver

I see two issues. First, our capitalistic system has gone down the road of winners and losers. When I was in grad school in 1992–96 globalization was suppose to open markets and grow a global middle class, or people producing for themselves. Instead corporations just exploited poor people and have only marginally improved their lives. Most Chinese can’t afford the products they make. What would the global economy look like with a soaring middle class in China and Mexico?

Second, technology, automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are destroying jobs. A new factory in the US will produce more goods in any hour with far less human beings. Therefore I do not see massive shortages of workers anytime soon. Add to this the fact that any sense of retirement is fleeting fast. We will work to the day we neared die (like when SS was introduced in the 1930s), ASSUMING we can remain employed.

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