Of all your options this is the most likely.
Jay Parker (I)

Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, CareerBuilder. All four sites offer the same low pay, low think jobs or a very, very few select jobs for those at the top. If you weren’t fortunate enough to have become a C level officer, like 99.8% of us your out of luck. So you are back to the low think jobs, the ones where you take a data dump and put it into an Excel Spreadsheet and hit the send button on an email distribution list and onto the next data dump. No wonder FB has become so popular, employees do it at work to drown out the waste of their god given brains. The assembly line went from the production line to the cubicle. Same s..t, different locale.

Soon just like the factory jobs those jobs will be gone due to artificial intelligence. Then it will be a few employed that are at the top (the .2%), those that oversee and program the robots (the 5%) and the rest of society fighting over what menial jobs remain. Of course there won’t be enough menial jobs to go around. So like the show “Incorporated” a mass of dirt poor people in an ugly and cruel world.

And this is progress? We did better when we were living in caves hunting each day for our dinner.

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