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Jay the 50–65 age bracket is experiencing soaring suicide rates, opiate addiction and is the fastest group of homelessness. Do you even hear one tiny tiny peep out of Washington. No!

It is no different than when Hitler gassed the Jews to death and everyone pretended it was not happening. This is becoming the modern day version of “The Final Solution.”

I have tried to bring what is happening to you, me and millions more to the attention of media and our representatives. Nothing, nada, zilch, zero. Its like we don’t exist. How many more of us need to die of suicide or drug abuse? How many of us need to be living out in the streets, something very scary at age 50+. What is wrong with our leaders?

We did everything right. We went off to college then went back to get that advanced degree. We worked hard. Paid lots of taxes. And now we are being pushed into an early grave. Is this really America?