What the Hell Am I Doing Here?

It happen again. Get a call for a job interview. Its a small company so no resume reader that spit my resume out for an interview. Its kind of a schlep to the interview, about 25 miles. So I get up early. Put the suit and tie on with a nice bright red tie and gold tie bar. Ready for questions, inquiry and a good discussion.

I get to the company the prerequisite ten minutes before the interview. First the Director of HR sees me. I see that her copy of my resume has some of my skills and experience highlighted yellow. Good I think, someone really did go through my resume. She asks some basic questions but doesn’t seem to know much about the actual position.

She asked do I have time to see the department manager, yes. The department manager comes in and asks about my background. Within 10 minutes she tells me you have great experience but way to overqualified for the job. I would get bored. Well since this is a small company could the role be expanded? Don’t think so.

So I am thinking what the hell am I doing here. Did you not read my resume?Extensive experience and an MBA, right there on the resume which is highlighted in yellow. Yet you say this is more of a lower level position.

Do you think I have nothing better to do than put on a suit and tie, drive 25 miles to be told I’m overqualified? Or maybe the real story here is age discrimination masked by “overqualified.”

Either way don’t you know how to read a resume? And by the way, your posting was very general and vague and seemed like you were searching for a person with considerable experience. The posting said the need to travel both domestically and Internationally and ability to interact with clients yet you tell me the position is nothing more than following up for data and entering that data.

Sadly this is the rule not the exception, particularly if you are older. Going on interview after interview and being told you are overqualified even though your resume illustrates your skill level to anyone that actually might take 3 minutes and read it. And we wonder why the United States is faltering?