Sobek Communications and Khenz sign a landmark deal to launch new advertising format in Rwanda : Smart ticket advertising.


Sobek Communications, a Kigali based advertising and communication boutique specialising in providing cutting edge solutions has teamed up with Khenz, the leading provider of software and POS systems to the public transportation industry specialising in long distance bus operators across Rwanda to launch a new format of bus tickets advertising that will enable brands to reach over 1M people per month by placing their messages directly in people’s hands.

This is an unprecedented system in Rwanda because the advertising industry is rapidly evolving and becoming more sophisticated, where brands are seeking more innovative ways to reach their customers.This solution allows them to apply advanced precision marketing techniques throughout their campaigns because smart marketers understand that inserting rich insights and scores of data into campaigns provides them with a concrete foundation in order to achieve true customer engagement.

With Khenz supplying the machines, Sobek Communications can now offer advertisers a range of packages to advertise on the back of tickets.

With nearly 3M people travelling every month across the country this is a unique opportunity to advertise at a large scale, as customers have to retain their tickets for the duration of the journey which is, on average, 2 hours per journey.

Working with a broad range of sectors, this new format will enable clients to communicate with a mixed audience across the country and not just in Kigali.This new partnership allows us to measure and monitor the effectiveness of our client’s campaigns and offer brands a unique opportunity to reach their audiences at an affordable price of as little as 99.99 RWF.

Moussa HABINEZA, founder and CEO of KHENZ LTD said: “We are delighted to be working with Sobek Communications, we share so many values as we strive to be innovative with our solutions and integrate traditional marketing solutions, our data and insights into this sector will support a broad number of campaigns.”

Sean Ndiho Obedih the founder and CEO of Sobek Communications said “ The new format allows us to offer smart data driven advertising solutions to brands operating in Rwanda and alter the landscape. We have great ambitions and this is just the beginning of a long term partnership.

Interested brand managers can contact sobek Communications via or call +250 787 684 085.


The company was founded 5 years ago in Kigali,Rwanda with the aim of expanding to other countries in Africa,making it easy for bus operators to collect revenue using electronic means from their customers. Today a third of all long distance tickets sold in Rwanda are processed by Khenz systems.