When I was in grade school, my parents wouldn’t give me allowance for summer. No school meant no cash, and I liked having cash. We struck a deal, I would work part time to earn money. My first job was interning for my grandfather. I would do boring office work like photocopying, filling brown envelopes, and cleaning the office.

My first real job was as a service attendant in Jollibee downtown Cebu. It was the biggest Jollibee in the Visayas. That job kicked my ass. We were taking out the trash, getting orders, cleaning tables, and dealing with irate costumers…

Every now and then, a buzz can be heard all around Cebu. Sometimes, it’s about a new mall opening, a popular movie, a weird scandal, or in this case, the presence of otherwise distant animals on our shores.

“Welcome to the wild.”

We were excited for our visit to the Cebu Safari and Adventure Park. The prospect of showing breathing animals to our two year old was enough to brave the two hour drive up North to Barangay Corte, Carmen (about 50 kilometers from Cebu City).

Before the trip, we were warned that the park was still on soft opening…

When people learn that I commute via bicycle, the same questions pop up.

“Dili ba kuyaw? (Isn’t it scary?)” A little bit, there is no shortage of dash cam accidents that happen all over Cebu on the internet. “Dili ba init? (Isn’t it hot?)” This is the Philippines, so yes. “Dili ba abug? (Isn’t it dusty?)” Sometimes, but not as often as you think.

Biking as a commute around Cebu is not for everyone, but because of our traffic it might be the perfect option for you.

Despite the risks, cycling in Cebu is the mode of transportation that makes…

I love books, but I just can’t read. Going through a whole book without falling asleep after a few pages is a challenge for me. As early as a few years ago, I would average only a book a year. So I gave up on the whole endeavor.

Fortunately, I discovered Audible, it changed how I consume books. Every month, I download a new audio book and listen to it during my commute. It allows me to “read” a book once a month. …

Every place has its own particular way of life. Just like how every person is different, places are the same way. The particular mix of people and place make for a unique experience. Cebu is no exception. You haven’t lived here if you haven’t tried experiencing a few things.

To ensure the full Cebu experience, we’ve compiled a list of to do’s:

1. Slow down. If you are from a city with a faster pace, turn your speed down a notch. Cebu is known to have a laid back island lifestyle. Appreciate the chill vibe and the go-with-the-flow attitude.


When I turned 18, I was finally legally allowed to drive. This was a big deal. I pictured driving everywhere, no more jeepney rides carrying guitars to jamming studios, no more waiting for parents to pick us up, no more worrying how to get from A to B. Just drive! But first, I needed to get a driver’s license.

My dad told me to head over to the Land Transportation Office (LTO). It was customary of him to let me do stuff on my own. “Just go and figure it out,” he said.

The LTO was located in a part…

It’s amazing how the right words at the right time can light a fire in you. Therein lies the power of words. Sometimes, it takes a whole book to inspire, while the truly skilled can do the same with a simple sentence.

After realizing the profound effect of words, I’ve made it a habit to collect quotes. These are especially necessary when I’m feeling down and need a little inspiration to continue forward. Everyday living can be hard and these have helped me along. Hopefully they can help you in the same way they’ve helped me.

“Don’t worry. Be Happy.” — Meher Baba

I wrote this down…

Whenever my friends learn that I’ve been commuting via bike, most of the time, I’m met with a perplexed face and a resounding, “Why?”

“It’s really hot out there. Don’t you sweat like crazy?”

“The reckless drivers are going to kill you.”

“The road smoke and dust doesn’t bother you?”

“What happens when it rains?”

Most of the time, I respond by lamenting against our insane car culture, our general lack of physical exercise, how it is faster to bike, how much more convenient it is, how it is safer than you think, etc. etc. etc.

But the simple truth…

The sun had set and darkness settled in. The streets look different from the outside, away from the shelter of cars and bright headlights. The only refuge was the dim from the lampposts as they cut through the night and shined on the streets. Cars hummed along like impenetrable juggernauts while motorcycles ruled the small spaces in between. The random pedestrian popped out of nowhere running across the chaotic street with blatant disregard for life. The traffic moved like a choreographed symphony. And then there was me on my bicycle.

I found myself with a helmet over my head and…

When I was in my early twenties, I had a conversation with my father that I’m not proud of. The exact details of the conversation escape me, but I remember this sentence coming out of my mouth, “Running a business is easy. It’s common sense! Make more money than you spend.” I was wrong and I was right. You should make more money than you spend, but running a business is not easy. I had so much to learn and I didn’t know it. Fortunately, I didn’t let my ego get in the way of learning.

One of my life…

Carlo Villarica

writer | editor | contractor | photographer | coffee stuff in http://t.co/wWj8FhazKg

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