2 min readApr 24, 2019


New smart “cryptocurrency transaction machines” are out

New smart “cryptocurrency transaction machines” are out. This new generation of CTMs have been designed, engineered and manufactured by Sobhan Technology Co© under the license of ExFa digital currency exchange brand name.

CEO of Sobhan Technology Co, Mr. Mohsen Sobhani said this new generation of CTMs are a remarkable instance of the international implementation of technology by cryptocurrency experts. Blockchain enthusiasts believe the compilation of the technical expertise and development of this device is a leap in the domestic banking and financial sectors.

This CTM machine is compatible with the major Cryptocurrency platforms such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover, the user has accessibility to some other weight-gaining platforms.
The CTM software developed to be compatible with the national cryptocurrency. Moreover, CTM is compatible with all the major banking channels. According to Mohsen Sobhani, BTMs are the older generation of CTMs that is developed for Bitcoin and is merely utilizable in the bitcoin network.

The project manager of CTM, Mr. Sobhani, named agility and speed at the top level of banking standards as the important characteristics of CTM. The ability to verify identity, buying and selling a variety of cryptocurrencies through the electronic bank cards, Perfect Money vouchers, Visa card, Mastercard and other cards that might be needed are among the features of this new product.

According to Mohsen Sobhani, the operationalization of this device is hinged on the attention of decision-making authorities in technology, banking, and other relevant sectors and referred to the development of CTM as crossing the boundaries of science in competition with the developed countries.

“Decentralization is the leading principle of operation in a decentralized world of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies based on it. However, our company’s understanding of this technology is that decentralization takes place merely on the structural level, not on the performance and goals levels;” Sobhani said.

“Therefore, any system and centralized organization can employ this technology to improve productivity in performance at the same time as sustaining security and privacy in order to achieve its goals more swiftly and through better and more principled methods,” he added.

The development of the technical expertise for the hardware and software and the successful production and testing of CTM showcase the power, ability, motivation and intelligence of Iranian experts before the eyes of the global public and sets aside a special position for the Iranian intellectuals in the realm of new technologies.

Modern technologies are demonstrating their importance in the world and it has become inevitable to use them. It will be more effective if we take practical steps together to utilize these technologies in a progressive and solid manner.

The Sobhan Technology Co. is studying the different applications of Blockchain technology and plans to run projects in production industries and services, trade and commerce as well as finance and banking sectors.