How brands making life hell

There are two extremes in life at one side people are dying for food clean water and couple of pieces of clothes to wear: at the other people are anxiously waiting for the arrival of the product from their favourite brand.

Later one are in more miserable condition.

Why people buy brands?

Psychological studies show that people buy brands to show how affluent they are and how much luxurious life they are living. They are dying to show the world how precious they are by holding a famous branded phone in their hand.

people buy brands to fill their inner emptiness rather they are buying more emptiness. Social media with its pros bring different cons too the biggest one we all have started comparing our lives with others. we compared our live with a stranger by seeing only one side story. people always hide their dark sides and every single one of us have at least one dark side we do not want to show the world.

we are so busy in trying to live a perfect life while negating the reality that perfect life won’t simply exist.”

There is nothing wrong in buying and using a specific brand problem occurs when it leave us in inferiority complex.

I have seen in so many gatherings when people intentionally tell everyone how expensive brand they are wearing. In other words, they have nothing productive to share with the world.

Now we measure the sincerity and worth of a person by a brand they are wearing or giving you as a gift.All the luxuries we buy with this money brings ease in anyone’s life but not always sometimes strong personality traits and sincerity counts more.