How to win friends and influence people:

According to Dale Carnegie to win the hearts of friends and to influence people in your surroundings it is very important that you talk to those people, to think about them, to care them, to know about their life means what is happening in their life, what they want from their life. In short to win the friends and to influence the people it is very vital that we are interested in them not in ourselves.

By practicing the sayings of Dale Carnegie in my real life I have learnt that it’s true what he said. When I try to interact with with people in my surroundings ans ask about them I came to know that they were very excited to tell about themselves, about their life, about their plans in future and I also experienced that an openness and a comfort zone was developed between me and them. So at the end I want to say that we must take interest in others people instead of ourselves if we want to find true friends and fans.